How to embed part of a YouTube video into Powerpoint 2010 slide

Image CC-BY-SA by Ms. Russell on Flickr


Today I was asked by a colleague to show him how to embed a YouTube video into a Powerpoint presentation in such a way that only part of the video will play. I didn’t know how to do this, and I was so chuffed when I figured it out that I decided to record this triumph in a blog post. It’s the little things.

  1. Find the YouTube video
    1. Click Share
    2. Click Embed
    3. Right-click on that line of code and select Copy
  2. In Powerpoint, from the top Insert tab:
      1. Click on the little down arrow under Video (to the right)
      2. Select ‘Video from web site’
      3. Paste in the code you copied in step 1.  Example: YouTubeEmbed1
      4. Now add in your version of the following text after the YouTube ID — in the above example, the YouTube ID is 6502rreoDhQ


Where start=2 means start playing the video 2 seconds into it

And end = 12 means stop playing the video 12 seconds into it

And autoplay=0 means I don’t want the video to immediately start playing when I show that slide

So your final embed code is this:


And that’s it — your Powerpoint file now contains a slide with this little video playing only from second 2 until second 12.

A final tip: when you insert the video clip like this into the slide, the video window is not that large. Simply drag a corner of the video within your slide to resize, make it bigger, place it wherever, as you usually would within Powerpoint.

Now then: I attempted to do the above on a Mac running Powerpoint 2011, but I could not see how to insert a video from a website. It did not offer that option. If anyone knows how to do this on a Mac, I’d greatly appreciate the shared wisdom.

Many thanks indeed to Tech Tips For All whose two sites here and here helped me immensely, and so did the comments on both sites.


Terese Bird, Educational Designer, Leicester Medical School                        CCBY




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