Hang on a minute, lads. I’ve got a great idea. #blideo

This post is in response to David Hopkins’ #blideo challenge to me. What is #blideo, you may ask? Here’s how it works: I was given a video clip and asked to write a reflective blog post about the video as part of a learning journey or story or experience. Once I write the blog post, I choose a new video and challenge three others to write their blog posts. This was all started by Steve Wheeler — no surprises there, I guess!

David chose the final cliff-hanger of The Italian Job:

I would say the video clip from The Italian Job encapsulates the exact skills I don’t have — thinking on my feet, in a bounded or high-risk situation, and coming up with a brilliant solution. In ordinary situations I think I am pretty resourceful, but high-risk situations are a whole different ball of wax. Honestly, I wonder who in reality has this skill? 007 or Indiana Jones are not realistic role models, after all. Be that as it may, in a high-risk situation, I tend to panic, go blank, and think only with my brain stem in fight or flight generalities. I lose the ability to be subtle or clever in any way.


Now I am working for the Leicester Medical School, and in our team we must help future medics to learn to deal with bounded and high-risk, high-stress situations. Some students will become Emergency Medicine specialists, others will be O&G (Ob/Gyn) specialists or surgeons. Going into these professions has been compared by some of my colleagues to going to war.


One thing we are beginning to do at the Med School to address this is to start giving our students the chance to learn mindfulness meditation. I am seeing mindfulness as a kind of mental discipline, to bring thoughts to the immediate present, to be aware of what is around me right now. So did the Michael Caine character need mindfulness to put himself purely in the present, and think about now – what can I do in this insane situation? Possibly. To be honest, I am still not convinced about mindfulness. But even though I am not normally saving a life in an operating theatre, nor balancing a bus over the edge of a cliff, I am convinced that it would be a good thing if I could learn to be “fully in the present” for a variety of reasons and situations and to be able to help students to learn the same. As for mindfulness, I shall keep investigating.


And now for my #blideo challenge. I challenge Gráinne Conole, Gabi Witthaus, and Bryan Alexander to blog on the following video as part of a learning journey, experience, or story: “I think it’s time we started our new class project: Rock Band.”

Enjoy, chaps!
Terese Bird, Educational Designer, Leicester Medical School




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