Happy New Blog!

Beyond Bethesda, North Wales
Beyond Bethesda, North Wales

It is 1st January 2015 and I have started my first blog that is only mine!

Allow me to introduce myself: I am Terese Bird, and I’ve been working as a learning technologist since before I knew the term, in 1998. Recently I’ve been hired to a new position at the University of Leicester, as Educational Designer (Mobile Learning) for the School of Medicine. I am totally excited about this new direction, which will continue to involve a lot of educational technology work and research. I’ve been blogging on the topic of educational technology since 2009 (then, with the Beyond Distance Research Alliance, later Institute of Learning Innovation). But I’ve always written blog posts on group blogs. This is my first ‘blog of my own.’ I am currently doing a Masters in International Education with University of Leicester, and this blog will contain posts which have to do with my degree work. I hope it will help me develop as a reflective learner as well as share some of the cool stuff I will be working on at the School of Medicine.

The first topic is: how has my use of technology in my profession changed in the past five years? Five years ago I was just getting to grips with the new first generation iPad which I had received for Christmas. Over the years since then, my iPad and I became almost inseparable. I never bought a smartphone, because I always had my iPad with me (gents, take note — we ladies don’t always have pockets and so we carry bags… iPad no problem!) and I always had 3G connection on it as well. It’s been great having a small computer with me constantly, and yet one with a large enough screen that I could get some substational work done.

One thing I have not gotten to work well, however, is text-to-speech. I always found the Accessibility aspect of the iPad confusing. I would still like to enable the iPad to read out to me my learning materials from Blackboard. I’m sure I will figure it out eventually, and when I do, you will be the first to know! If you can make a suggestion for me about this in the comments, I’d be most grateful!

Here’s to 2015 and a new year of learning, collaborating, cooperating, and growing!

Terese Bird


11 comments on “Happy New Blog!

  1. I am wondering that you don’t have smart phone and you talked a lot about mobile learning. It can be done surely by iPad. We learned a lot from you.I missed you my dear tutor.
    Khalil the tallest guy.


    • Hi and good to hear from you! Well, since my iPad had 3G connection andI had to pay monthly for that, I was unwilling to get into another data payment plan for a smartphone. I just kept a simple mobile phone which I still have to this day. I use it for phone calls and SMS only… Everything else I do with my iPad. There are some apps which I don’t think I can use on my iPad, however… WhatsApp, I don’t think I can use Snapchat, I never could use Instagram but now I can. But besides that, it’s a good deal.


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